Irrigation Services

In an effort to provide our customers with the best service possible, we have started a new irrigation division.  With this new division, we hope to offer you faster service for all your irrigation needs. We pride ourselves on our mission to have as many “eyes on your lawn” as possible.  From lawn mowing to fertilizing and now irrigation, we aim to keep your lawn as lush, green and healthy as possible, all-season long. We will now be offering irrigation installations, regular maintenance and repairs by our professionally trained irrigation technicians.

The following seasonal maintenance plans are now available, and customers will receive a 10% discount if services are pre-paid by April 15th, 2018:


Turn On and Turn Off services start at $85 each service. Seasonal checks start at $70 per service. Pricing for each service is determined by the number of zones within your irrigation system.  For specific pricing, please call our office with the number of zones. Unsure of where to find the number of zones? Check your service agreement with your current irrigation service provider or call our office to schedule a visit (774) 763-2683.